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The SpecNav (Imperial Special Naval Operations Unit) program is an unusual joint effort between the Sith Army and the Sith Navy. The Navy hopes to gain dangerous soldiers that can land and establish beachheads thereby removing the need to rely on traditional Army troops. On the other hand, the Army hopes to gain mobile Intel operatives based aboard far-ranging ships that can be deployed at a moment's notice. So far, this experiment between the Army and the Navy has been successful in creating dangerous, highly-skilled and crafty soldiers. Chosen for their distinct hatred for the Republic, these troopers came into service around the time of the sacking of Coruscant.  SpecNav is tasked with acting as a Special Forces unit, their soldiers being trained to have more independent thinking than the standard Army ground forces, given the clandestine nature of their operations.  

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SpecNav is Recruiting!

Agent Darkstar, Jan 14, 12 12:34 PM.


Join SpecNav and you'll live life to the full. You'll be able to earn qualifications, and adventure, responsibility and travel can all be part of your working life. Whatever your role, you'll be a professional; a highly trained expert in your field with real responsibility for the safety and security of others.

·         Take advantage of excellent training and earn practical and professional qualifications that will set you up for life

·         Work in situations that no other organisation could handle

·         Have the time of your life experiencing new planets, new sports and new adventures

·         Live and work with people your age, with the same roots or from totally different backgrounds, who all want the same thing: to get the most out of life.

·         Be kitted out with the best in weapons, equipment, transport, and information technology systems


SpecNav plays a vital role around the galaxy. As well as being called upon to protect the security of the Empire, we're increasingly needed to act as an intergalactic peacekeeper in today's volatile galaxy. Currently SpecNav is running covert operations throughout the galaxy, with few even aware of their presence, fulfilling a role that no other organisation is trained or equipped to do.



Join and you'll be starting a career like no other. Fast-moving and action-packed, your time will give you an unbeatable mix of training and qualifications, responsibility, adventure, sport and travel.


The galaxy is a very big place. With SpecNav, you’ll get to see a lot of it. As a SpecNav operative, your skills will be in demand everywhere. On adventurous training in the jungle, peacekeeping in a war torn planet or in combat, you’ll see worlds few can even imagine. 

With bases on many different planets, there’s also the chance to work abroad. Meet new people, visit new places and experience different cultures. And wherever you are, you will always be there to make a difference.


In SpecNav, each new day brings a new challenge, whether physical or mental, training for war or adventurous training, in combat or in peacetime. But whatever the challenge, you won’t face it alone, because from day one you’ll be part of one of the toughest teams in the world. Our strength comes from the role each individual plays, at every level - from your own unit through to SpecNav as a whole.



Unlike the Imperial military, SpecNav welcome people from all backgrounds. We are proud to represent a diverse organisation and that pride is reflected in the support we offer to all our recruits. Whatever your marital status, race, ethnic origin or religious belief, there is a role for you in our team. No account is taken of sexual orientation or social background when considering applications. 

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Agent Darkstar, Jan 10, 12 3:34 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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